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2022 Annual Report

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we stand

2022 Annual Report

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Read or download the online Annual Report
Read or download the online annual report
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Foreword by the CEO

Building a future-proof cooperative and
floriculture industry

Steven van Schilfgaarde 
CEO, Royal FloraHolland

The year 2022 was a difficult and unpredictable year for floriculture. Nonetheless, the 5 billion barrier was broken for the second year in a row, and the revenue on Royal FloraHolland’s marketplace was 5.2 billion euros in 2022, an 8% decrease compared to the record year 2021. As a result of major cost savings, the loss was limited to 4 million euros, while strategy implementation and investments in the future continued at full speed.


Financial key figures

Product revenues -8%
(in millions of €)
2022 5,166
2021 5,627
Operating income +14%
(in millions of €)
2022 448
2021 392
Total assets -2%
(in millions of €)
2022 752
2021 769
after tax
(in millions of €)
2022 -4
2021 7
Operating expenses
(in millions of €)
2022 456
2021 381
Solvency ratio
(as a %)
2022 28.4
2021 30.3
Investments +33%
(net in millions of €)
2022 90
2021 68
Risk-bearing capital -4%
(as a %)
2022 58.5
2021 62.3
Total number of FTEs
2022 2,086
2021 2,084
Total number of employees
2022 2,902
2021 2,725
Sex ratio
Male 72%
2021: 72%
Female 28%
2021: 28%
Working hours
2022 38%
2021 40%
New hires
2022 760
2021 400
Left employment
2022 603
2021 364
Average age
2022 48
2021 49.5
Different nationalities
2022 59
2021 58


Sustainability is an integral part of who we are and what we stand for. It is an important theme in our sector. There is an increasing need for transparency about the origin of flowers and plants and the process in the chain. Royal FloraHolland strives to be transparent about its sustainability efforts. We do this in many ways. We display certificate information at our clock auctions and on Floriday so buyers can immediately see what standards the flowers and plants meet. Certificates are a token of the formal acknowledgement of our practices. We comply with the sustainability standards of the various certification schemes of the FSI 2025 ‘basket of standards’. Digital environmental record-keeping and certification is an important first step towards making our industry more sustainable. Aside from environmental certificates, other certificates in the FSI 2025 basket (GAP certificates and social certificates) are also important in this regard. Royal FloraHolland is committed to this.

ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION 2022 Revenue in € mln.   In items
% environmental certification 81% 77%
% FSI2025 certification 67% 62%
Tonnes of carbon (Scope 1 en 2) 42,106 (-16.9%)
Share of recycled single-use plant trays >80%
Total share recovered from waste 76%
Share of residual waste 17%
Share of contaminated organic waste 21%
Water consumption 318,000 m3
Biodiverse areas at sites 66,461 m3
*Data excluding group companies.

How we create value

Royal FloraHolland is transitioning into a digital, data and performance-driven organisation and our results and how we report them will keep pace with these changes, step by step. That is how we take responsibility for a better world based on sustainability and transparency, setting an example in our floriculture value chain.
As a cooperative, we want to create lasting value for our members, suppliers, buyers, employees and other partners in the floriculture sector and society. In the short and long term. This year, to better understand and communicate the value Royal FloraHolland creates, preserves or destroys for its stakeholders, we have come up with a value creation model based on the <IR> Framework.

Our six value pillars

and outlook
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platform and
physical hubs
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Over 100 years
of experience
and expertise
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and inspired
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buyers and
other partners
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towards greater sustainability
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Step-by-step improvements to our CSRD reporting

Although Royal FloraHolland is not legally obliged to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) until the 2025 reporting year, we intend to improve our annual sustainability reporting step by step, starting with this annual report for 2022. Royal FloraHolland is transitioning into a digital, data-driven and performance-driven organisation and sustainability is an integral part of its value creation goals. This means that improvements in sustainability will be visible each year in our sustainability reporting.
Our results and reporting on these issues will therefore move with us step by step so that we can lead by example – with transparency and sustainability – in our floriculture value and supply chains and this way take responsibility for building a better world. We also welcome the CSRD as an opportunity to step up and to keep raising our thinking and our discussions about the appropriate KPIs and reports – both internally and with stakeholders – to an ever higher level.

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